The Chocolate Chicken

Located just up the hill from the Egg Harbor marina in beautiful Door County, Wisconsin is a cute little coffee shop entitled The Chocolate Chicken. Unfortunately, I do not have a picture of the shop but I have a picture of the marina taken by one of my coworkers (from July 3rd…a very busy night in Egg Harbor with fireworks).

The Chocolate Chicken is an adorable coffee shop that satisfied my craving for caffeine all summer. Without it, I probably would not have survived my summer working in Door County.

The Chocolate Chicken offers many decadent coffee flavors, including my absolute favorite, the Iced Polar Bear, a wonderful caramel creation. Along with their specialty coffee drinks, they offer coffee beans for purchase, Chai tea, and many other coffee norms.

What could possibly make The Chocolate Chicken any better for a woman like me? Chocolate, of course. Just as its name suggests, the Chocolate Chicken hosts an entire glass display case filled with chocolates of all shapes and sizes. Chocolate covered oreos, truffles, pretzels, fudge of all flavors, and so much more…

On top of all those features, The Chocolate Chicken has ice cream which is especially a hit with the kids.

As with all things in life, one of the best aspects of this coffee shop is location, location, location. The Chocolate Chicken is located, as mentioned before, just up the hill from the marina in town. It sits immediately next to Harbor View Park, a cute park featuring gazebos and benches overlooking Green Bay. Often times in summer, Harbor View Park offers free concerts in the afternoon and early evening so one can sip coffee and enjoy free music.

Overall, I think everyone that is in the Door County area should check out The Chocolate Chicken for delicious treats!


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