Good Eggs

Okay, so I am not a person who likes breakfast foods. When it comes to breakfast, I would rather have leftover pizza, noodles, and pretty much anything else besides the traditional eggs, sausage, and pancakes. But just as with anything in life, there definitely are exceptions. One of these exceptions is Good Eggs.


Good Eggs is a cabana-style restaurant located on Highway 42 in Ephraim, Door County, Wisconsin. The Good Eggs specialty is an omelet wrap, and it is the absolute best breakfast that I have ever had.

This is how the order process works: Walk up to the counter. First you’ll be asked to pick out a drink (coffee, juice, water, milk, tea, soda, or a specialty smoothie made with fresh fruit). Next, you’ll be asked which wrap you want. There are three kinds:

  1. Basic Wrap: spuds, eggs, and cheese
  2. Standard Wrap: spuds, eggs, cheese, and veggies
  3. Deluxe Wrap: spuds, eggs, cheese, veggies, and meat

**Also meat can be added to the Basic or Standard wrap for a couple dollars.

The cook will make approximately eight omelets at a time, shouting out questions to the customers as the omelets cook. He will ask about your cheese preference (pepperjack, cheddar, or goat), veggie preference, salt and pepper preference, etc. It is an exciting, interactive process and the workers are really great with people. They are very engaging with customers, so there is never a dull moment while waiting for your order.

After the omelets are cooked, they are stuffed with potatoes, or spuds as the menu says, and you are given the option to add sauce. Then the cook will wrap the omelet up for you in your choice of wrap, and your omelet will be ready to be paid for at the register!

Be warned, these omelet wraps are massive. They are worth their price of approximately $6-$9 depending on which one you choose. They can easily last a person more than one meal, and children could easily split the wraps with each other.

Good Eggs is my absolute favorite breakfast location, and not being a breakfast person, that is definitely saying something!


2 comments on “Good Eggs

  1. designbytess says:

    i haven’t eaten at Good Eggs yet, but I did check out the Old Post Office…. i’ll have to make sure to wake up early enough next time I’m up there :0)

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