Door County Sunset

Door County Sunset

Famous Door County sunset from atop Eagle Tower in Peninsula State Park.



Wild Tomato


You can tell you’re back at college when you’re too lazy to cook yourself food or walk to the dining center, so instead you order yourself a big greasy pizza from the nearest and cheapest pizza place. As I was chomping down on my pizza today, I was thinking about just how much I miss pizza from my favorite pizza place in Door County–the Wild Tomato.

The Wild Tomato is a restaurant located in Fish Creek, Wisconsin on Highway 42. Of the top places to visit on a Door County Vacation, the Wild Tomato is definitely in the top 5. It is the place to be on any night of the week, with packed indoor and outdoor seating during any prime meal hour.

It isn’t just packed for nothing, however. The pizza at the Wild Tomato is truly out of this world. The pizzas are wood-fired and consist of very fresh and high-quality ingredients. You can order any imaginable type of pizza from the traditional sausage and cheese pizza to the Wild Tomato’s specialty pizzas (The Green and Gold Pizza–featuring real Wisconsin cheese curds, Chicken & Choke–featuring grilled chicken and artichoke dip, and many more). My personal favorite is called the Donation Creation. This specialty pizza changes monthly, and the time I had it the flavor was similar to a taco pizza.  The special thing about this pizza is that $1 of each Donation Creation goes to local non-profit organizations.

Being young and slightly impatient sometimes, my favorite part of the Wild Tomato is its “To-Go order” building. Instead of fighting the rush inside the restaurant when you simply want a pizza to-go, walk behind the Wild Tomato to find the “To-Go” building. The wait for pick-up is typically only about 20 minutes, and there are picnic tables to enjoy your pizza at if you so choose. This is a great option for families or for those who still want to enjoy the Wild Tomato without the wait.

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The Chocolate Chicken

Located just up the hill from the Egg Harbor marina in beautiful Door County, Wisconsin is a cute little coffee shop entitled The Chocolate Chicken. Unfortunately, I do not have a picture of the shop but I have a picture of the marina taken by one of my coworkers (from July 3rd…a very busy night in Egg Harbor with fireworks).

The Chocolate Chicken is an adorable coffee shop that satisfied my craving for caffeine all summer. Without it, I probably would not have survived my summer working in Door County.

The Chocolate Chicken offers many decadent coffee flavors, including my absolute favorite, the Iced Polar Bear, a wonderful caramel creation. Along with their specialty coffee drinks, they offer coffee beans for purchase, Chai tea, and many other coffee norms.

What could possibly make The Chocolate Chicken any better for a woman like me? Chocolate, of course. Just as its name suggests, the Chocolate Chicken hosts an entire glass display case filled with chocolates of all shapes and sizes. Chocolate covered oreos, truffles, pretzels, fudge of all flavors, and so much more…

On top of all those features, The Chocolate Chicken has ice cream which is especially a hit with the kids.

As with all things in life, one of the best aspects of this coffee shop is location, location, location. The Chocolate Chicken is located, as mentioned before, just up the hill from the marina in town. It sits immediately next to Harbor View Park, a cute park featuring gazebos and benches overlooking Green Bay. Often times in summer, Harbor View Park offers free concerts in the afternoon and early evening so one can sip coffee and enjoy free music.

Overall, I think everyone that is in the Door County area should check out The Chocolate Chicken for delicious treats!

Peninsula State Park

For those of you who love the outdoors, Peninsula State Park is definitely a must-visit location. It is located in Door County, Wisconsin. Peninsula is filled with hiking trails, biking trails, campsites, swimming, wildlife and more. At the entrances to the state park are maps of the entire park and all of its features. I will cover some of the features below:
Hiking Trails

Peninsula State Park has a wide array of different hiking trails from as short as only 0.5 of a mile to 3.0 mile loops. The maps of the park give detailed information about the terrain and length of the trails, so it is incredibly easy to see what trail would suit you and your hiking party. I spent my time running on a couple of the trails that were easier terrain, so that is definitely an option for those who would prefer to do something other than walk. Pets are allowed as well, so do not hesitate to bring along your favorite companion.
Biking Trails
Peninsula State Park has one trail specifically designed for biking called the Sunset Bike Trail. This 9.6 mile trail traverses all throughout the park, through the many different types of terrain. Also in the park are 12 miles of offroad trails for those who wish for a more rugged experience. Bikers are also welcome to bike on the roads as well, though there is some light traffic to be wary of. These trails are popular for avid bikers as well as families. For those who do not want to bring a bike all the way from home, there are a couple bike rental places right outside of the Fish Creek entrance to Peninsula State Park.
In Peninsula there are a variety of different campgrounds to choose from. My advice is to reserve your sites far in advance because summers in Door County are very busy. Many people will reserve there sites months ahead of time, so do not expect to walk up and score a campsite. It is definitely possible, and I have done it with the tent sites a few times and had no problems, but it has been a close call every time. Just call ahead and you will be good to go. The sites are very nice and spacious and there are trees galore so you’re not all up in your neighbor’s business.
One of the popular spots in Pen Park is Nicolet Beach, a shallow beach where you can swim, rent canoes and kayaks, enjoy ice cream and other snacks, and just relax and enjoy the scenery. The beach is fairly shallow and the water is very clear and a great temperature to swim in during the summer.
Peninsula State Park has so much to offer people of all ages and with all interests. There are many features that I have not mentioned but can easily be found on Peninsula State Park’s website:
I hope you give Peninsula State Park a chance on your next Door County vacation!