Skyway Drive-In Theatre

Looking for a movie in Door County? You won’t find one unless you head to the Skyway Drive-In Theatre. Okay, that’s not completely true…there are some theaters in Sturgeon Bay, but in northern Door County there is just the Skyway Drive-In. And really, why wouldn’t you want to see a movie in a drive-in?

Personally, I wish drive-ins were still popular in the United States. They have such a relaxed atmosphere. Movie theaters are so dark. It is hard to talk to your friends or your date without disturbing the people around you. At a drive-in, you have space. You have your own car to sit in or you can chill outside on blankets or in a lawn chair. Imagine laying under the stars while cuddling up in a blanket with the people who are important to you. Ahh….sweet summertime…

If you are in Door County and are looking for something cheap and relaxing to do at night, I highly suggest checking out the Skyway Drive-In. It is located very close to the golf course entrance to Peninsula State Park on Highway 42. All you have to have is a working radio and you’ll be able to tune in to the movie’s sound. I hope you check it out and enjoy the amazing night calm of Door County.


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