Door County Orchards

Fall is a bad time for me. It is great for all of the beautiful colors and the smell of leaves and all those wonderful things, but the problem with fall is I want to eat waaaaaaaay too much. Once fall hits, I constantly crave caramel apples, pies (I don’t even like pie that much), and anything that is associated with fall.

In my recent trip to Door County, it was all I could do not to buy a ton from every single orchard I stopped at. So in this post I will discuss Door County’s orchards. My suggestion for finding an orchard in Door County is to drive down Highway 42 and see what you find. By driving down 42, you’ll run into at least five different orchards in no time.

The orchards consist of everything cherry of course since that is what Door County is known for. There are apples and caramel apples, though I was unable to find caramel apples that were hand-dipped in fresh caramel in front of you and covered in desired toppings like at a place called The Little Farmer near Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. There are fresh pies and other baked goods. Depending on which orchard you go to, you can find Door County wine which is absolutely fantastic, and the orchards usually let you wine taste.


Two orchards definitely stand out to me as favorites after trying out a bunch of different ones. First of all is the Wood Orchard Market just outside of Egg Harbor, Wisconsin. The Wood Orchard Market is a standout to me because of its selection. The store is huge with a wide array of pumpkins and gourds surrounding the market outside in fall. Inside the market is almost anything you could dream of. Not only does the Wood Orchard Market have baked goods, apples, and berries, but it also has a fudge counter with taste-testing, home decor, jewelry, and much more. You could easily spend an hour in this store looking at all of the different items. This is why I highly recommend the Wood Orchard Market to everyone!

The second orchard that I absolutely love is Lautenbach’s Orchard County Winery & Market. This orchard is such a fun place for the whole family. First of all, kids love playing on the giant hay bale creature outside of the market. Next to the barn is a cherry spit pit, where you can see how far you can spit a cherry pit. Lautenbach’s is also where the Door County Trolley is located, so if you want a tour of Door County you can sign up there. The grounds of this orchard are huge, and I am sure there is much else to do there that I have not experienced. Inside the market, it is smaller than Wood Orchard’s because Lautenbach’s specializes in wine. There are wine bottles everywhere and wine tasting is available daily from 9am-6pm. The flavors are high quality for very affordable prices. I personally love the sweet Red Raspberry Lyte wine! Lautenbach’s also has jams, salsas, dressings, cute wine glasses, and much much more! Definitely check it out if you have the chance.


All of the orchards in Door County are worth checking out if you have the time. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Thanks for visiting my blog! =)


One comment on “Door County Orchards

  1. Marian Irmen says:

    I personally love the Golden Cherry that they had I also love the black cherry.

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