Wilson’s Restaurant and Ice Cream Parlor

Time travel. Wouldn’t it be cool? I would love to travel back into the different decades and see just what the world was like at those specific points in time. With Wilson’s Restaurant and Ice Cream Parlor, customers are able to travel back in time just for a moment.

Wilson’s reminds me of a diner, complete with a juke box, old Coca Cola artifacts, and good old-fashioned diner food. Whether you are craving a big, juicy burger or a banana split, Wilson’s diner food promises to satisfy all taste buds. Wilson’s has a wide variety of recognizable meals like burgers, fries, chicken tenders, chili dogs, and nachos, so you will never guess at what you are ordering. As for ice cream, there really is not a better place in Door County for ice cream.  The restaurant contains a wall of flavors to choose from, my favorite being strawberry cheesecake, as well as many specialty creations. Of course there are shakes,malts, sundaes, and many ice cream dishes with delicious cherries.

Honestly, though, my absolute favorite thing about Wilson’s is the Coke. Being someone who appreciates a delicious Coke to get the day started, it is very difficult to find a place to simply purchase a Coke to go (besides my favorite Egg Harbor BP gas station). Most restaurants are sit-down; you could never find a Coke for the road. But with Wilson’s, it was possible to walk up, order a coke, and be on my way, making it easily one of my favorite restaurants in Door County. Oh the little things in life.

Wilson’s is located on Highway 42 in Ephraim, directly across from the bay so you can enjoy your ice cream right by the water.



Door County Orchards

Fall is a bad time for me. It is great for all of the beautiful colors and the smell of leaves and all those wonderful things, but the problem with fall is I want to eat waaaaaaaay too much. Once fall hits, I constantly crave caramel apples, pies (I don’t even like pie that much), and anything that is associated with fall.

In my recent trip to Door County, it was all I could do not to buy a ton from every single orchard I stopped at. So in this post I will discuss Door County’s orchards. My suggestion for finding an orchard in Door County is to drive down Highway 42 and see what you find. By driving down 42, you’ll run into at least five different orchards in no time.

The orchards consist of everything cherry of course since that is what Door County is known for. There are apples and caramel apples, though I was unable to find caramel apples that were hand-dipped in fresh caramel in front of you and covered in desired toppings like at a place called The Little Farmer near Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. There are fresh pies and other baked goods. Depending on which orchard you go to, you can find Door County wine which is absolutely fantastic, and the orchards usually let you wine taste.


Two orchards definitely stand out to me as favorites after trying out a bunch of different ones. First of all is the Wood Orchard Market just outside of Egg Harbor, Wisconsin. The Wood Orchard Market is a standout to me because of its selection. The store is huge with a wide array of pumpkins and gourds surrounding the market outside in fall. Inside the market is almost anything you could dream of. Not only does the Wood Orchard Market have baked goods, apples, and berries, but it also has a fudge counter with taste-testing, home decor, jewelry, and much more. You could easily spend an hour in this store looking at all of the different items. This is why I highly recommend the Wood Orchard Market to everyone!


The second orchard that I absolutely love is Lautenbach’s Orchard County Winery & Market. This orchard is such a fun place for the whole family. First of all, kids love playing on the giant hay bale creature outside of the market. Next to the barn is a cherry spit pit, where you can see how far you can spit a cherry pit. Lautenbach’s is also where the Door County Trolley is located, so if you want a tour of Door County you can sign up there. The grounds of this orchard are huge, and I am sure there is much else to do there that I have not experienced. Inside the market, it is smaller than Wood Orchard’s because Lautenbach’s specializes in wine. There are wine bottles everywhere and wine tasting is available daily from 9am-6pm. The flavors are high quality for very affordable prices. I personally love the sweet Red Raspberry Lyte wine! Lautenbach’s also has jams, salsas, dressings, cute wine glasses, and much much more! Definitely check it out if you have the chance.



All of the orchards in Door County are worth checking out if you have the time. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

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Harbor Fish Market

Whenever asked where to eat for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, I always heard the Door County locals recommend the Harbor Fish Market. After spending an entire summer in Door County without eating there, I was finally given the privilege this past weekend.

The Harbor Fish Market is located at 8080 Highway 57 in Baileys Harbor, Wisconsin.


We went to the Harbor Fish Market for breakfast. Like I have mentioned before, I am not one who loves breakfast foods, but the Harbor Fish Market’s breakfast was very scrumptious! My friend and I both ordered the ham and cheese omelet. It was very delicious and filling, coming with breakfast potatoes and toast aside from the massive omelet. The lady who treated us to the meal ordered cherry pancakes and let us sample them. They were fabulous as well. Gotta love Door County and its obsession with putting cherries on and in literally everything.


The price was a little pricey but pretty decent compared to similar restaurants in the area. Plates can range from around $6 to the lobster omelet’s $16 price tag.


The atmosphere receives top marks from me. The interior is fancy but still casual at the same time. The restaurant is right on Lake Michigan, and giant windows all around showcase the beautiful lake. During summer time, there is even a patio area where guests can sit outside to enjoy their meal in the summer breeze with friends or their pets. There is even a doggie menu for pooches!


I would definitely return back to the Harbor Fish Market. I really would like to try the fish…since it IS called a “fish market.” I highly recommend this restaurant to anyone looking for a delicious meal!


Fall in Door County-Pumpkin Patch Festival

Good evening everyone!


I am back from Door County already, and boy was it an awesome trip. Door County is beautiful in the summer, but it is absolutely breathtaking in the fall. We just happened to make it in time for the peak days of leaf-changing. The trees all around were in shades of crimson, yellow, and orange with some green still mixed in. The ground was littered with colorful leaves! What a gorgeous sight!


So I thought Door County would be pretty empty because most people are back at work and the summer is over. Oh how wrong I was. Door County is filled with fall tourists, and it was especially filled with people for Pumpkin Patch Festival in Egg Harbor. Everyone that we talked to asked if we were in town for Pumpkin Patch Festival, so apparently it was a big deal in Door County.


Of course we had to check it out. It was crazy awesome! The whole main street of Egg Harbor was blocked off to traffic and filled with people bundled in fall coats carrying giant bags of popcorn and caramel apples. There were tents scattered throughout all of the streets selling jewelry, clothing, blankets, and almost anything imaginable. There were rides for the children, a storyteller, and a live band (which just happened to be singing country music when we were there…a great day for me!!). And what Wisconsin festival would be complete without a tent for brats and beer? 


We treated ourselves to fresh caramel apples and enjoyed the country band for awhile before leaving Pumpkin Patch Festival. I would really like to return next year to experience it all over again. 

Goats on the Roof-Al Johnson’s


Have you ever tried to eat dinner with live goats grazing on the rooftop? Most people cannot say that they have had this experience, but I most certainly can say that I have. I had the pleasure of eating at Al Johnson’s Swedish Restaurant this summer in Sister Bay, Wisconsin. Al Johnson’s is easily one of the most famous and most recognizable places in Door County, and anyone who wants an exciting and unique experience should definitely check it out.

Al Johnson’s is an authentic Swedish family-owned restaurant. The food, which consists of Swedish meatballs, pancakes, fish, sandwiches, and much MUCH more is absolutely delicious and affordable. The service, girls dressed in traditional Scandinavian clothing, is phenomenal. But most importantly, there are GOATS on the roof.

If you’re looking for an experience, Al Johnson’s is the place for you to go. The roof is entirely covered in sod, and on days when the weather is not too hot or too cold, the goats will always be there to greet you.

I just want to thank Al Johnson’s for a delicious meal and a memorable experience. I hope to revisit sometime in the fall. You can check out their site at http://www.aljohnsons.com/

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Good Eggs

Okay, so I am not a person who likes breakfast foods. When it comes to breakfast, I would rather have leftover pizza, noodles, and pretty much anything else besides the traditional eggs, sausage, and pancakes. But just as with anything in life, there definitely are exceptions. One of these exceptions is Good Eggs.


Good Eggs is a cabana-style restaurant located on Highway 42 in Ephraim, Door County, Wisconsin. The Good Eggs specialty is an omelet wrap, and it is the absolute best breakfast that I have ever had.

This is how the order process works: Walk up to the counter. First you’ll be asked to pick out a drink (coffee, juice, water, milk, tea, soda, or a specialty smoothie made with fresh fruit). Next, you’ll be asked which wrap you want. There are three kinds:

  1. Basic Wrap: spuds, eggs, and cheese
  2. Standard Wrap: spuds, eggs, cheese, and veggies
  3. Deluxe Wrap: spuds, eggs, cheese, veggies, and meat

**Also meat can be added to the Basic or Standard wrap for a couple dollars.

The cook will make approximately eight omelets at a time, shouting out questions to the customers as the omelets cook. He will ask about your cheese preference (pepperjack, cheddar, or goat), veggie preference, salt and pepper preference, etc. It is an exciting, interactive process and the workers are really great with people. They are very engaging with customers, so there is never a dull moment while waiting for your order.

After the omelets are cooked, they are stuffed with potatoes, or spuds as the menu says, and you are given the option to add sauce. Then the cook will wrap the omelet up for you in your choice of wrap, and your omelet will be ready to be paid for at the register!

Be warned, these omelet wraps are massive. They are worth their price of approximately $6-$9 depending on which one you choose. They can easily last a person more than one meal, and children could easily split the wraps with each other.

Good Eggs is my absolute favorite breakfast location, and not being a breakfast person, that is definitely saying something!

Colossal Cupcakes


If you ever have the privilege of visiting gorgeous Door County, Wisconsin, then be sure to stop on over to Pink Bakery. Pink Bakery is located on Highway 42 in Egg Harbor, Wisconsin. It is within walking distance of many nearby shops, so if you’re shopping and need a quick sugar pick-me-up, it is the perfect place to go!

Pink Bakery is just as cute as its name suggests. It is a tiny little bakery with a huuuuge display case of sugary goodness. In this display are a scrumptious variety of snacks to appease a hungry appetite. On a daily basis, one can find donuts, bread, cookie sandwiches, cookies (my favorite are the ones with bikinis drawn on in frosting), and monstrous cupcakes. They also have gluten free options to cater to a wide variety of needs and preferences.


If I had to rate Pink Bakery, I would definitely give it full marks. They have great service, delicious and fresh products, and a cute and creative atmosphere. Next time you are in Door County, be sure to check it out!

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