Double Delights

Got a sweet tooth? Then you definitely have to try Double Delights in Egg Harbor, Wisconsin. I have only been there a couple times, but both times I was pleasantly rewarded with delicious sweets. The first time I was there I tried gelato, which I had never tried before. It was absolutely delicious! Double Delights provides many different delectable flavors like raspberry, cappuccino, cinnamon, pumpkin, lemon, and so many more! The second time I was craving chocolate, so I simply bought a little chocolate caramel salty snack. I have no idea what it was called, but it was so tasty and I would love to try it again!


Someday, I desire to try their popcorn. One of the main things advertised on the Double Delights website is the popcorn, which comes in a wide array of flavors like cheddar, caramel, white cheddar, salsa verde, chocolate, green apple, ranch, and the list goes on.


My favorite thing about Double Delights is the people who work there. They are always very friendly and great with their customers. Sometimes the music camp I worked at this summer would bring the students to get ice cream after their concerts, and Double Delights was always willing to stay open to serve all the kids, give them their ice cream quickly, and offer great prices to the kids. I highly recommend Double Delights to anyone passing through Egg Harbor.




Good evening everyone!


I am back from Door County already, and boy was it an awesome trip. Door County is beautiful in the summer, but it is absolutely breathtaking in the fall. We just happened to make it in time for the peak days of leaf-changing. The trees all around were in shades of crimson, yellow, and orange with some green still mixed in. The ground was littered with colorful leaves! What a gorgeous sight!


So I thought Door County would be pretty empty because most people are back at work and the summer is over. Oh how wrong I was. Door County is filled with fall tourists, and it was especially filled with people for Pumpkin Patch Festival in Egg Harbor. Everyone that we talked to asked if we were in town for Pumpkin Patch Festival, so apparently it was a big deal in Door County.


Of course we…

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