This is one of the many places you can discover in Peninsula State Park.


Skyway Drive-In Theatre

Looking for a movie in Door County? You won’t find one unless you head to the Skyway Drive-In Theatre. Okay, that’s not completely true…there are some theaters in Sturgeon Bay, but in northern Door County there is just the Skyway Drive-In. And really, why wouldn’t you want to see a movie in a drive-in?

Personally, I wish drive-ins were still popular in the United States. They have such a relaxed atmosphere. Movie theaters are so dark. It is hard to talk to your friends or your date without disturbing the people around you. At a drive-in, you have space. You have your own car to sit in or you can chill outside on blankets or in a lawn chair. Imagine laying under the stars while cuddling up in a blanket with the people who are important to you. Ahh….sweet summertime…

If you are in Door County and are looking for something cheap and relaxing to do at night, I highly suggest checking out the Skyway Drive-In. It is located very close to the golf course entrance to Peninsula State Park on Highway 42. All you have to have is a working radio and you’ll be able to tune in to the movie’s sound. I hope you check it out and enjoy the amazing night calm of Door County.

Fishstock-A Barn Dance and Reggae Music

I’ll never forget driving up hesitantly to a large field with a sign pointing towards it saying “Fishstock.” At the entrance were two (hippie-looking) girls collecting money. As my friend and I told them we did not know what Fishstock was and were not sure if we wanted to enter, the girls ENTHUSED about the awesomeness of this event and how it would be one of the most memorable events of the summer. We paid the 10 bucks and drove on.


They were right about it being memorable. It turns out, Fishstock is a concert summer concert series that takes place in a 100-year-old Door County Dairy Barn in Fish Creek, Wisconsin. Throughout the summer, there is a variety of different music that is played in this barn, from reggae to bluegrass and all genres in between.


The band I ended up seeing that night was called Unity, a reggae band. Now, I tend to like country and classic rock, and I had never listened to reggae very much before. But Unity blew me away. The musicians were all very talented, and the band had some wonderful original songs. They also sang many Bob Marley classics as well. I would see Unity again in the future if given the chance, and I truly hope they come back to Fishstock next year!

The atmosphere definitely was not an atmosphere I was used to, but I very much enjoyed it. I felt like I was back in the 60’s or 70’s. There were lots of dreads and long skirts. The barn was open with seating both inside and outside, so people could come and go as they pleased. People were allowed to bring drinks and snacks and whatever they wanted inside, so it was extremely comfy. But the weirdest thing was that there were young, college-aged people there. Before Fishstock, we had rarely seen any college students in Door County and the ones we did see were at work.

Fishstock definitely was a memorable experience that I would recommend to anyone desiring to try something new. The Fishstock music series runs throughout summer with concerts almost every weekend. Next time you’re in Door County, be sure to check it out!

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Wild Tomato


You can tell you’re back at college when you’re too lazy to cook yourself food or walk to the dining center, so instead you order yourself a big greasy pizza from the nearest and cheapest pizza place. As I was chomping down on my pizza today, I was thinking about just how much I miss pizza from my favorite pizza place in Door County–the Wild Tomato.

The Wild Tomato is a restaurant located in Fish Creek, Wisconsin on Highway 42. Of the top places to visit on a Door County Vacation, the Wild Tomato is definitely in the top 5. It is the place to be on any night of the week, with packed indoor and outdoor seating during any prime meal hour.

It isn’t just packed for nothing, however. The pizza at the Wild Tomato is truly out of this world. The pizzas are wood-fired and consist of very fresh and high-quality ingredients. You can order any imaginable type of pizza from the traditional sausage and cheese pizza to the Wild Tomato’s specialty pizzas (The Green and Gold Pizza–featuring real Wisconsin cheese curds, Chicken & Choke–featuring grilled chicken and artichoke dip, and many more). My personal favorite is called the Donation Creation. This specialty pizza changes monthly, and the time I had it the flavor was similar to a taco pizza.  The special thing about this pizza is that $1 of each Donation Creation goes to local non-profit organizations.

Being young and slightly impatient sometimes, my favorite part of the Wild Tomato is its “To-Go order” building. Instead of fighting the rush inside the restaurant when you simply want a pizza to-go, walk behind the Wild Tomato to find the “To-Go” building. The wait for pick-up is typically only about 20 minutes, and there are picnic tables to enjoy your pizza at if you so choose. This is a great option for families or for those who still want to enjoy the Wild Tomato without the wait.

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