Birch Creek Music Performance Center

Birch Creek Music Performance Center is one of Door County’s attractions that is very dear to my heart. This summer, I had the wonderful privilege of working there as a public relations intern. I was able to see up close and personal the talented young musicians, highly respected faculty members, and incredible people behind the scenes who make everything come together.


For those who have never heard of Birch Creek, it is a summer music school where talented young musicians typically the ages of 14 to 19 come for two weeks of intensive, performance-based instruction. Now, these students are not just taught by anyone. Birch Creek brings in respected faculty members from universities and ensembles all across the country. A small list of some of the faculty I had the opportunity to meet this summer includes Liam Teague (a phenomenal steelpan artist from Trinidad and Tobago), Robert Hanford (concertmaster of the Lyric Opera Orchestra), Jodie DeSalvo (an incredible pianist who has won countless awards and has played at Carnegie Hall), Joey Tartell (a trumpet genius who has played with Maynard Ferguson, Woody Herman, and Glenn Miller), and Tanya Darby (a previous member of the Grammy All-Star Band who has played with the Count Basie Orchestra among many others).


The students are at Birch Creek for two weeks at a time under one of the following sessions: Symphony, Percussion, Jazz I or Jazz II. The students receive new music almost the moment they arrive and are expected to perform a concert within just a few days. The music is not easy either. It always amazed me every session how the students could pick it up so quickly and how dedicated they were to practicing. It also impressed me how well these big name faculty members were able to relate to the students and inspire them to be the best musicians they could be.


There are 3-4 concerts every week that the public can purchase tickets to and attend. Both the students and the faculty play in every concert. The concerts take place inside a 100-year-old concert barn with prelude and intermission music that take place in an outdoor gazebo surrounded by benches. Imagine being surrounded by music in the cool,peaceful summer nights of Door County. That was my end of the week every week this summer. So cool!


Living in residence at Birch Creek this summer was an opportunity that was so wonderful, and I am beyond happy that I spent my time there. I lived among young musicians who are going to do spectacular things with their lives and many faculty members who have already created themselves a legacy. All of the people who work behind the scenes at Birch Creek are just as passionate about their jobs and about music as the musicians are themselves, and they made the experience even more meaningful for me. Most of you will not get the chance to experience the entirety of Birch Creek that I experienced, but if you are ever in Door County you should definitely attend one of the concerts so you too can experience the magic in the music!


Ashley, John, Me, and April (Some of the summer staff at Birch Creek)


Soon to Come…

Well, I haven’t written in awhile. I guess that is expected when you’re in college with a semester left until graduation and project deadlines are all hitting at the same time.

I promise that I will post something very VERY soon. I plan to discuss a place very close to my heart, Birch Creek Music Performance Center. The photograph below showcases Birch Creek’s gazebo, a place where people gather together to listen to incredible music performed by talented students. Within the week, I will expand on this magical place and tell you all about my time there!


The Hardy Gallery


Door County is filled with it. Whether it is the picturesque landscape, the sparkling waters of Lake Michigan, or the rolling hills at the entrance to almost every town, Door County has so much to offer artistically. Many artists have taken notice, and Door County has truly become a place for inspiration and for art.

One of the places in Door County that greatly embraces art and encourages it is called the Hardy Gallery. I cannot claim that I know very much about the Hardy Gallery’s history or even its everyday operations. All I know is that my creative senses were tingling when I was there, and it was awesome.

Inside the Hardy Gallery is art of course. When I visited, it was filled with artwork from a local artist. Unfortunately, I cannot remember the artist’s name, but their work was spectacular!

The Hardy Gallery’s building itself is a work of art. The outside of the building, as seen in the picture, is covered with art! I was told that people are allowed to paint on the Hardy Gallery with a couple rules. Now the building is COVERED with paintings. Such a cool place!! If you have a little time, peek your head inside the gallery to enjoy the art and take a few fun pictures outside the building as well!ImageImageImageImage

Wilson’s Restaurant and Ice Cream Parlor

Time travel. Wouldn’t it be cool? I would love to travel back into the different decades and see just what the world was like at those specific points in time. With Wilson’s Restaurant and Ice Cream Parlor, customers are able to travel back in time just for a moment.

Wilson’s reminds me of a diner, complete with a juke box, old Coca Cola artifacts, and good old-fashioned diner food. Whether you are craving a big, juicy burger or a banana split, Wilson’s diner food promises to satisfy all taste buds. Wilson’s has a wide variety of recognizable meals like burgers, fries, chicken tenders, chili dogs, and nachos, so you will never guess at what you are ordering. As for ice cream, there really is not a better place in Door County for ice cream.  The restaurant contains a wall of flavors to choose from, my favorite being strawberry cheesecake, as well as many specialty creations. Of course there are shakes,malts, sundaes, and many ice cream dishes with delicious cherries.

Honestly, though, my absolute favorite thing about Wilson’s is the Coke. Being someone who appreciates a delicious Coke to get the day started, it is very difficult to find a place to simply purchase a Coke to go (besides my favorite Egg Harbor BP gas station). Most restaurants are sit-down; you could never find a Coke for the road. But with Wilson’s, it was possible to walk up, order a coke, and be on my way, making it easily one of my favorite restaurants in Door County. Oh the little things in life.

Wilson’s is located on Highway 42 in Ephraim, directly across from the bay so you can enjoy your ice cream right by the water.


Harbor Fish Market

Whenever asked where to eat for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, I always heard the Door County locals recommend the Harbor Fish Market. After spending an entire summer in Door County without eating there, I was finally given the privilege this past weekend.

The Harbor Fish Market is located at 8080 Highway 57 in Baileys Harbor, Wisconsin.


We went to the Harbor Fish Market for breakfast. Like I have mentioned before, I am not one who loves breakfast foods, but the Harbor Fish Market’s breakfast was very scrumptious! My friend and I both ordered the ham and cheese omelet. It was very delicious and filling, coming with breakfast potatoes and toast aside from the massive omelet. The lady who treated us to the meal ordered cherry pancakes and let us sample them. They were fabulous as well. Gotta love Door County and its obsession with putting cherries on and in literally everything.


The price was a little pricey but pretty decent compared to similar restaurants in the area. Plates can range from around $6 to the lobster omelet’s $16 price tag.


The atmosphere receives top marks from me. The interior is fancy but still casual at the same time. The restaurant is right on Lake Michigan, and giant windows all around showcase the beautiful lake. During summer time, there is even a patio area where guests can sit outside to enjoy their meal in the summer breeze with friends or their pets. There is even a doggie menu for pooches!


I would definitely return back to the Harbor Fish Market. I really would like to try the fish…since it IS called a “fish market.” I highly recommend this restaurant to anyone looking for a delicious meal!

Door County Traveling

Today I head out for an exciting adventure in Door County, Wisconsin! After being away for a month, I cannot wait to return. Though it will not be the busy, tourist location that it was in summer, the trip should still be filled with many exciting places and memories. Plus, I really enjoy the non-tourism seasons of Door County. With abundant nature and picturesque scenery, Door County is truly a peaceful escape from the stresses of college and life. When I return, I hope to have taken many pictures and have experienced many new locations to share with everyone. 

Have a wonderful weekend everyone, and stay tuned for more photographs and Door County info!



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